Would You Still Have a Brazilian Wax After Reading This?


Who doesn’t want it bare below? We all probably do. No hair, no mess, no problem.

But surely, nobody enjoys the experience of getting their neither regions waxed. We want the result but not the process, and for some valid reasons. It is hellishly painful!

There are serious reasons though why you should dread Brazilian wax or any bikini wax – it is hazardous to your health.

It poses you at risk to sexually transmitted infections

Maddi Rubin, a contributor for Cosmopolitan, revealed that she got an STI from a Brazilian wax. She had her nether-regions waxed from an upscale salon in Manhattan, but that doesn’t protect her from the health risk of waxing. She wrote that a month after waxing, she noticed little, shiny bumps with dimples in the middle on her vulva area/bikini line. A visit to the doctor revealed that she contacted molluscum contagiosum, an infection caused by poxvirus.


Ms Rubin’s experience is not an isolated case. Many others like her suffered from STI. A case study by Francois Desruelles, MD, a dermatologist in Nice, France revealed that among his 30 patients who have been infected with molluscum contagiosum, 10% of which have waxed their unwanted hair.

According to dermatologists, the infection happens because the natural barrier (the pubic hair) that protects the sensitive skin in the vaginal area are removed forcibly, causing microscopic wounds that allow bacteria and viruses to enter the skin.

It eliminates your ability to pass gas silently


On a lighter note, bikini waxing eliminates your ability to fart without the embarrassing sound, announcing to everyone around that you just poisoned the air they breathe. Ladies and gentlemen, if you fart a lot, there is the potential for increased inaudibility when passing gas.

So, you have been warned. Are you still going for that Brazilian wax?


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