4 Effective Ways to Stop Stuttering


Stammering is a temporary disability that makes a person unable to move on with the talking. As a result, that person ends up repeating words, syllables, sounds, or even get stuck on a single word for a short time. Stuttering is often considered as the only disability that is often ridiculed with utter inconsideration, which supplements the everyday anxiety of the stutterer.

Fortunately, this condition is not irreversible as many ameliorative steps can be taken to minimize, and even eliminate it for good. Therefore, if you are a stutterer, we have listed four effective ways that you can utilize to eliminate stuttering from your life for good.

  • Take up language therapy:

Language or speech therapy can do wonders to improve your stammering issues because such therapists fully understand the various strategies for how to stop stuttering. Therefore, it is highly advised that you start seeing a competent language therapist because he will not only try to sort out the medical issues with your delivery, but he will also strive to improve your confidence. It is a matter of choice whether you choose individual or group therapy, but we will advise you to take up group therapy sessions as they will boost your confidence a lot more.

Moreover, a competent therapist will work diligently on slowing down the rhythm of your speech so that you can notice when you stutter. Once you start to stutter less on the slower rhythm, the therapist will gradually increase the pace of your speech to a normal level, and you will subsequently get much more fluent.

  • Use electronic devices:

You will not have a therapist around all day to point out if you are not talking slow enough. Fortunately, scientists have come up with electronic devices that rely on delayed auditory feedback that enables you to talk slower. If you are talking faster than you should, these devices produce a distorted sound to remind you and to get you back to the prescribed rhythm.

There are also other devices like the ones that mimic your speech and make it sound as if someone is talking with you. Furthermore, most electronic devices of this sort are small enough to be worn all the time, which makes them incredibly convenient to use.

  • Relax your neck and shoulders:

You need to realize that tongue is the most powerful muscle of your body because it does not get tired even after long hours of blabbering. But, it can be strained by the tension that can develop around your neck and shoulders over time, and can aggravate your stammering issues. Therefore, make a habit of doing relaxing exercises for your neck and shoulders so that they remain nice and loose.

  1. Talk in front of a mirror:

One of the major hurdles in getting rid of your stammer is the poor confidence level because stammering folks get trolled very often. But, you can build your confidence by talking in front of the mirror while looking right into your eyes. You would get to know how you speak, which will enable you to identify some speech issues like difficult words, syllables, and vowels on which you get stuck often. As a result, more you talk to yourself in front of the mirror, less anxiety you will experience while talking to other people.


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