Essential Security Features Every Successful Website Uses


There can never be enough security when it comes to online businesses. In our current world situation, we’re seeing more crimes being committed online, which rivals what’s being done in the physical world. What’s sad is not all of these crimes go noticed and even a lesser number of culprits get caught. With this, businesses online need to invest in online security to provide safety both for them and their users when browsing their sites or using their services.

In this article, we’ll list some of the most common security features every successful website uses to boost security and ensure a smooth-sailing online experience.

SSL website security. SSL certificates provide one of the highest levels of industry-standard security for safe and secure eCommerce transactions. It protects passwords, credit card numbers, and most importantly, secures customer information. SSL certificates secure the website and its customer’s browser so any information they share on any secured page is protected.

Other benefits of SSL include SEO boost as Google introduced HTTPS as a ranking factor in the search engines and prefers websites with SSL encryption. This will give a website boost within Google ranking by just because of the SSL certificate added to the domain name.

Spam filtering. Spams eat a lot of space online. While most people won’t mind some of commercials to support certain sites, some sites can also get infected with spam, causing e-mails or pop-ups. Businesses usually look to have their site protected from these for the benefit of their visitors while in their site. This feature is called spam stop, which is usually offered by your web hosting services.

RAID protection. If you are hosting your business through a good web hosting service this feature will be available to you. This layer of protection offered to guests will ensure a better web experience, so make sure to ask your web hosting service for the details of this feature.

DDOs attack security. DDOs attacks are common to enable protection for websites and their content. DDOs stands for distributed denial of service. This security feature will protect your content from spam by its attacks that are typically created by multiple users. A slowed website for no apparent reason can mean that it’s a victim of a DDOs attack. Make sure to speak with your web hosting service to apply this kind of protection.

Content backup. This special protection will save your content if any damage has been done. To ensure that your site is up and running within moments of an attack you need to for content backups. This simple security is offered to you from your web hosting service, so make sure to utilize it.

Secure data centers. When content is vital and you deal with different personal information you will need to secure it through your server using a secure data center. These centers are typically safe from Mother Nature and in a remote location like the desert where no bad things usually happen (floods, fire, storms, etc.). Check with your host for available options for this security feature, if they offer one in the first place.


As stated in the beginning, website security cannot be overstated especially with what we’re facing right now. Any business looking to stay on business and weather the COVID-19 storm must apply these protection and more in the service of its users.