5 innovative homes built on extremely tight budgets


At factotum.co.uk, we are really passionate about helping people to find their new home. We love connecting landlords with their perfect clients – and vice versa!

We also find architecture and house building very interesting, especially when the house is something a little unusual or when the designer has really thought outside the box, especially when working with really tight budget constraints.

Here are five of our favourite innovative ‘homes on a budget’ that really caught our eye. They are truly amazing homes that are really worth a look:

1: Koda House, UK, by Kodasema

Kodasema are an Estonian design collective that came together to design and build a very unique prefab micro home. These homes are on sale in the UK for around £150,000 and can fit neatly into small plots of available land.

2: Casa Invisibile, Slovenia, by Delugan Meissl

If you fancy a home that moulds into it’s surroundings, then this micro home can do this with ease as it is covered with mirrors! At just £88,000 to build, the modular interior can be adapted to suit your needs.

3: MIMA House, Portugal, by MIMA Architects

Another flexible modular home that features a grid of easy to add or remove partitions to enable you to create the size of internal rooms you like.

4: Happy Cheap House, Sweden, by Tommy Carlsson

With a name that explains exactly what it is, this unusual prefabricated home certainly isn’t boring or generic!

5: Sorte Hus, Denmark, by Sigurd Larsen

Small really can be beautiful, and also accommodate a family too! This remarkable home was built in central Copenhagen for the tiny sum of £95,000.




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