5 Ways Erectile Dysfunction Kills Your Relationship


An article on Psychology Today stated that both men and women think often about sex, even while they are busy doing their regular chores. This indicates that human beings have a high need for physical intimacy. And when this intimacy is less than satisfactory or even missing from their lives, it can have an impact on multiple aspects.

One of the major reasons for unfulfilling sexual encounters is erectile dysfunction or ED. This affects the ability of a man to have or sustain a high quality erection. Fortunately, there are some very effective male enhancement products available in the market today, says review site Top Male Enhancers, listing men’s enhancement pills like Zenerx & Maxis 10 as effective ED products.

If you are still wondering whether you should try natural male enhancement supplements, here’s a look at the 5 major ways in which living with ED can affect you.


1.     Deprives you of a Fulfilling Sex

For most couples, ED means problems in bed. Erectile dysfunction is a result of lower blood flow to the pelvis, which restricts the ability to gain or sustain an erection. This then makes penetrative sex difficult, and even impossible in some cases. Naturally, this would make sex life very unsatisfactory for both partners.

2.     Hurts Self Confidence

The inability to perform at one’s best can have a devastating impact on the self confidence of most men. Not been able to achieve a high quality erection can be very embarrassing. The worst part is that repeated experiences like this can actually rob one of the confidence of being able to pleasure their partner. This is why natural male enhancement supplements, which do not have any harmful side effectives are recommended as ED products.

3.     Zones You Out in Bed

Sex is one physical act that requires both men and women to be equally involved. However, erectile dysfunction keeps a man distracted during the sexual act. This restricts him from connecting with his partner, both sexually and emotionally. The end result is dissatisfaction for both parties.

4.     Affects Communication

Most men are so busy dealing with the humiliation and embarrassment that they don’t even realize that their partner is also affected. They avoid discussing their problem with their partner, which makes the woman wonder whether she is no longer attractive to him or if he’s having an affair.

5.     Makes Men Lose Interest in Sex

“I know what is going to happen,” “I will still not be able to get an erection. So why should I initiate the act?” Over time, dealing with ED can lead men to develop such self limiting thoughts, which makes them completely disinterested in sex. Even if they do gather the courage to have sex, they do it with such a disturbed mindset that both the partner end up feeling upset.

Men need to know that erectile dysfunction is not something they should be ashamed of. There are many erectile dysfunction (ED) products available that are effective. If you are looking for the best natural male enhancement supplements for yourself, men’s enlargement pills like Zenerx & Maxis10 can be a good start.


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