6 Ways Your Job Can Adversely Affect Your Health


Doing jobs are a fundamental aspect of our lives because they provide the necessary finances required to live our lives, but the other benefits of pursuing a career are often overlooked. One of them is that doing jobs arm us with a sense of purpose, which makes us feel driven and wanted in this world.

We spend a significant chunk of our lives in our workplaces, which is why top employers around the world look to create a workplace that supports both mental and physical health. But, many employers shirk away from these duties and create toxic workplaces for their employees. Moreover, some employees make their workplaces toxic for themselves by following unhealthy work habits.

Therefore, you must understand what your job is doing to your health, and we have discussed here six ways your job can adversely affect your health so that you are in a better position to evaluate your workplace and your work habits.

  1.     Workaholism:

Employers that instill the nature of Workaholism in their employees may reap benefits in the short run. But, they suffer dire ramifications in the long run because they compromise the long term health of their employees to earn short term profits.

You may love your job and the work you do, but you desperately need to evaluate that if the extra time you are spending at your job is compromising other aspects of your life like health, hobbies, and relationships.

  1.     No Breaks:

Your body cannot afford to work a 10 to 12-hour job without getting at least one major break because monotonous postures can put your joints under a tremendous amount of pressure resulting in conditions like stiff necks, spine strains, and backaches. Even if you are following natural ways to maintain your bone health, it is not going to do a lot of good if you are not giving your body the much-needed respite.

This is the reason why many top employers around the world make it mandatory for their employees to get regular breaks during their work hours so that they can get back to work with a fresher mind.

  1.     No PPEs:

Not wearing PPE or Personal Protective Equipment in a hazardous workplace is one of the leading causes of various workplace injuries around the world. Sometimes, employees do not take wearing helmets and other PPEs seriously, while the other times, employers do not develop a culture of safety and do not provide their workforce with the mandatory PPE. If you ever get injured due to the inadequate PPE being provided to you, be aware that your employer is liable to a personal injury lawsuit, and you must immediately look for competent legal counsel like Ladah Law Firm.

  1.     Shift Work:

Shift work can be incredibly taxing on your body because your body clock keeps getting disrupted, as on some days, you will be doing night shifts, while on the other, you will be working day shifts. As a result, your body struggles to keep a tab on your routine and starts to develop various health conditions.

  1.     Poor Eating Habits:

Mounting work pressure and irregular work hours can significantly tamper with your eating habits. Sometimes, you tend to skip a meal because you feel there is no time to eat, while the other times, you will find yourself engaged in mindless snacking and stress eating. Therefore, your irregular work schedule and not your appetite will be dictating your mealtimes, which is not a good sign indeed.

  1.     Long Commute:

People who have a long commute from their homes to workplaces struggle to get a good night’s sleep because they have to wake up earlier so that they can reach their offices on time. Moreover, they reach their home late at night, and they neither get to sleep well nor spend valuable time with their families.