A driving day off: The best motoring mayhem in the UK


Is there anything better than a calm Sunday drive? The wind blowing against your hair as you gently race from B-roads to C-roads, breathing in the musk of the country air and the fresh summer grass – bliss, surely?


Well, how about a madcap dash on a Segway? Or an off-road plunder through mud tracks and over hills in a 4X4? Maybe even a white-knuckle race on a dirt bike, with only your wits and a helmet standing between you and a fall?

Yeah – politely, your dullard’s drive can screw off. Nothing beats the heart-racing thrills of extreme motoring. And the UK has a ton of options on offer for the discerning thrill seeker.

So if you want your heart in your mouth at the end of your Sunday, try a few of these attractions.

Saddle up on a Segway

You might not instantly associate a Segway with extreme sports but, thanks to the pioneers over at Segway Active, that’s all about to change.

Situated in Wales, Segway Active features a load of exhilarating tracks for all skillsets and training to get you up to speed on controlling a Segway. It’s one of the latest motorised extreme sports to hit the British Isles, so give it a go.

Rev up at a rally

Do your eyes spend most of their time fixed on rallies on the telly? They’re an undeniably exhilarating affair, watching mud splatter across the chassis of a car as it precariously speeds off-road in the hope of that one perfect lap time.

Want to give it a try? Then head over to the Extreme Rally website to book a place at your nearest rally venue. Indeed, the team at Extreme Rally are so well thought of that Top Gear has even paid them a visit.

So if you want to race down the same tracks as Clarkson, May and Hammond, give these guys a gander.

Bike your way through hazardous valleys

There are numerous trails specially designed for dirt bikes dotted around the UK. But few companies can offer a professionally guided day out like Trail Riding UK.

Located in Wales, this company will train you up on some of the toughest courses available, improving your riding within the day. They’ll even offer you wet trail riding for an added rush. All in all, it’s a rollicking way for a good day out.