Air Cleaning Paint and Associated Technologies: Improving Interior Air Quality


At this juncture in the 21st century, a considerable amount of green technology used in commercial buildings has become increasingly commonplace. Despite the fairly broad use of a good amount of green technologies in new commercial construction, as well as remodeling and renovation projects, there are still stunning innovations when it comes to green technologies utilized in or intended for commercial buildings.

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A cutting edge green technology that is expected to have a high impact on the quality of interior air in a commercial building is what is being called air-cleaning paint. Air cleaning paint is only now starting to make inroads into the commercial building construction, renovation, and improvement scene. However, industry analysts believe that we will see air-cleaning paint being used with greater frequency with each passing year. This includes its use in commercial and residential properties.

The Vital Importance of Maintaining Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Before moving forward with a specific discussion of air cleaning paint, an overview of the importance of paying close attention to maintaining healthy indoor air quality is crucial. Internal air quality, also known as IAQ, references the air quality within and immediately around buildings of different types. In the case of this article, the focus is on the potential impact of poor air quality on IAQ.

Coming to a better understanding, and more effectively mediating air contaminants, can effectively reduce the threat of certain indoor health issues. Absent effective IAQ regimens, interior air quality issues can have more immediate as well as long term effects on a person’s health and wellness.

You need to bear in mind that when it comes to contaminants in the air insider a residence of other type of building, some health effects may show up directly after a single exposure. Some times the effects are evident after repeated exposures in fairly quick succession. The include such reactions like irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. Other effects include headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

In most cases, these more immediate effects of poor indoor air quality tend to be short-term and generally treatable. In some cases, a resolution of the health issue is accomplished by eliminating exposure to the source of the pollution.

Other negative health effects caused by indoor air contamination shows up a significant amount of time after exposure. This can be years after an initial exposure to contaminated air in a residence of other building. These tend to be more significant health issues like certain types of respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer.

Paint that Invisibly Cleans the Air

A Philippines-based company called Boysen has developed what is being considered the world’s first air cleaning paint. The paint includes nanoscale titanium dioxide. This chemical combination included in this paid has been used to reduce harmful emissions in power plants as well as in motor vehicles.

When added to paint, this chemical compound interacts with light and breaks down nitrous oxide and volatile organic compounds. It breaks these potentially harmful substances down into elements that are harmless.

Adding silver nanoparticles to paint can add what appear to be lasting antimicrobial properties. This is actually an infection-prevention technique taken from the medical world. This tactic prevents the growth of mold and other harmful materials.

Smart Electrochromic Glass Windows

Nanotechnology also is also behind what are known as smart electrochromic glass windows. These are windows that are capable of responding to environmental conditions of different types. These windows are capable of being integrated with different building automation systems. These windows can then be programmed, along with other types of building equipment, to utilize natural sunshine and heat in order to offset the need for artificial lighting and artificial heating from HVAC systems.

When these higher tech windows are combined with air cleaning paint, the interior air quality of a residence of other type of building markedly improves. Many green building experts and analysts predict that these two types of innovative technologies will become standard features in residential and commercial properties in the not too distant future.

Of course, people have economic considerations to bear in mind when it comes to advanced green technologies. When it comes to the items discussed in this article, the costs associated with implementing them has become more reasonable with each passing year. Indeed, industry analysts believe that costs will continue to drop in the future. This particularly is anticipated to be the case when it comes paint with properties that contribute to the cleaning of air in certain location, including in residential and commercial properties.

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