Best Way To Tell Your Boss You’re Quitting


Deciding to quit your job is not an easy decision. There are finance headhunters in Chicago waiting for your start date to begin the next phase in your life, but you have unfinished business at your current company. There are things, good and bad, that have to lead you to this decision, and now it is time to convey that information to your boss. Speaking belligerently, saying nasty things about your co-workers, quitting on the spot, or simply never showing up again are completely unprofessional, and horrible ways to quit your job.

If you are working with a temporary agency or a headhunting company to find your positions, you can be sure accounting recruiters, and recruiters of any kind, will be hesitant to bring you on board for fear you will do the same thing to them.  Whether in a letter of resignation or in a face-to-face conversation, these are the elements you need to include when telling your boss you are quitting your job.

  • Thank them for the opportunity. – An expression of gratitude can go a long way. Thank them for the opportunity to work at the company, and whatever other benefits you have received from being in that position.
  • Explain why you are leaving. – You do not have to go into details about your next move, or the problems you had with the job. You can be very general and express that “another opportunity has arisen,” or you are “relocating”, but make sure you stay away from any negativity about your coworkers or employer.
  • Express a willingness to help with the transition. – If applicable, let them know you are willing to help the person who replaces you in their new position.
  • Give a date you are leaving. – Give a specific date you are leaving so your boss can be as prepared as possible for this time of change.


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