Bringing in the New Year with nifty beauty products


It’s that time of the year again, when New Year’s resolutions have been made and, by now, broken as soon as possible. Whether it was that diet you were definitely sticking to or the exercise plan that lasted all of 11 days, we all feel the same way – all good resolutions are designed to be broken.

beauty products
beauty products

That’s why you should make simple resolutions that are easy to stick to, like making yourself look better with a new beauty plan.

While you can still wolf down as much chocolate cake as you like while lazing about on the couch, a new range of beauty treatments will, at least, make it look like you’ve made it through your resolutions in a healthier state.

So, welcome the future with this set of beauty tips for 2014, and make looking good a resolution you’ll stick to.

The future of skin treatments

Everyone’s had dry or flaky skin at some point in their lives.

Whether it’s from the cold weather or an allergic reaction, there’s a truth that most people would agree upon – dry skin isn’t the most desirable of features. And, with the cold weather plaguing us all until the spring kicks in, you’d do well to find an effective beauty plan to aid your pores.

Products such as Proactiv – which has previously been praised by Cosmopolitan, Teen Now, Company and numerous other fashion magazines – have been raising the bar for healthy skin and are guaranteed to be a great investment for the future.

Working to aid problems such as adult acne, the Proactiv range has proven that it can help save users from the torment of troubled skin, so consider letting it save you in 2014.

Give your hair a healthier shine

Ahhhh, the shame of problematic hair.

Whether it’s dry, flaky or simply lacking a little bit of oomph, no one wants to be lugging around a middling mane. But, with a new year comes a raft of new hair care products.

First out the door with a range of hair products sporting her name is model Claudia Schiffer, who has teamed up with hair professionals Schwarzkopf to create the Essence Ultime range.

Comprising a range of different products to give your hair a glossy sheen, the Essence Ultime range will benefit anyone looking to make those limp locks look luscious again.

Find the future of make-up

Make-up trends and styles are difficult to predict at such an early stage in the year, but the fashion press has been touting brighter colours as one of 2014’s big hitters.

While skin and hair care are easier prospects, be sure to keep on top of your future make-up products before you buy, and you’ll find that the year ahead will be your most stylish yet.


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