Common Technology Traps


Technological advancements continue to enrich our lives, making once difficult tasks simple and connecting us to our fellow human beings in new and innovative ways. From emails to laptops and USBs to social media, many have watched as these creations became embedded in our everyday life, while some generations simply grew up with them. The benefits of technology are undeniably far-reaching and numerous, but they do come at a cost. Obsolete jobs, overdependence and vicious online scam artists are just some of the drawbacks we face in the 21st century. Let’s not forget those pesky scenarios where the word frustration doesn’t quite cut it; below you will find three of these traps that continue to haunt us all.

Traps of technology
Traps of technology

Lost Username and Password

We’ve all been there. After swiftly tapping in your password, a dreaded error message appears, informing you that your username or password is incorrect. Casting aside your irritation, you slowly and carefully begin entering your details again. Surely now… – wait, another error? How can this be? Whether it’s the log-in for your online banking system, eBay account or email, a forgotten password is one of the most annoying dilemmas we face online. While many passwords can be re-set, others cannot, meaning valuable information is lost. If you deal with confidential documents, products such as offer a high-security solution and the ability to recover your account. Say goodbye to Panic City and hello to peace of mind.

Save, Don’t Erase

Another common blunder that threatens to blight our days is the failure to save a document. That’s right, the simple click of a button is all that separates us from efficient, proud-as-punch achievement and soul-crushing, harrowing despair. It doesn’t matter if you’re an IT guru or a newcomer to Microsoft Office, human error dictates that we are all at the mercy of our own forgetfulness. The best way to banish this folly is unfortunately through learning from your mistakes. After one too many lost university assignments or business proposals, eventually you will automatically remember to save and save again.

Technology Traps
Technology Traps

Return to Sender, Please

While the effects of this gaffe may not be as devastating as losing an online document, they certainly can be more embarrassing. How many times have you accidentally sent an email, instant message or social media communication to the wrong person? There’s nothing like a strong jolt to the heart to wake you up, is there? Sometimes it can be a harmless, half-finished email and at other times, it can involve comments that were certainly not meant for the recipient’s eyes; misdirected communication can be catastrophic in both a personal and professional setting, leading to awkward conversations and hurt feelings. Don’t let this be you; remember to always leave the recipient field empty until you have finished your message and never press send in a rush.

It seems that no matter how long we live with technology, it still emerges as the victor, taunting and reminding us how foolish we can be. Have you recently made an online faux pas? What were the repercussions? Do you have special safeguards that you use, such as particular product or technique? Share your thoughts, tips and personal experiences by commenting in the box below.