Cool Games To Play On New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve is always one of the party highlights of the year. But what can you do to build up the excitement whilst you wait for the chimes of midnight?

Whilst there’s always party food and drinks to keep you going, there’s nothing like a few party games like smartphone charades and online pokies to really ramp up the fun!

Traditional board games like Monopoly and Cluedo may be good for much of the festive season, but nobody wants to mess around with dice on an exciting night like New Year’s Eve. This is why some of these unusual party games can be great for breaking the ice and finding out much more about your fellow guests.

Most of these games tend to rely on the players’ imaginations to be played properly. But if you’re worried about trying to get your guests to behave themselves, then there are some great smartphone based gaming apps that can help you gain control of even the most rowdy of New Year’s Eve parties.

We may all know Ellen Degeneres as one of our favourite TV stars. But she’s also caused shockwaves across the internet by making Heads Up one of the surprise gaming hits of 2016.

This acts much like a digital version of charades, but the smartphone is introduced as a way to provide endless subjects to act out. And regardless of whether you’re trying to communicate the concept of a movie star or a celebrity, it’s always when the players make mistakes that provides the biggest laughs.

However, if even that sounds a little too complicated for your New Year’s Eve party, then think about some of the simple party games that were featured in the blog over at Lucky Nugget Casino NZ.

Whilst the likes of shot roulette might not be to everyone’s taste, the site also includes access to some quick and easy online pokies games that just about everybody should be able to play.


And although some party-goers may want to roam around your neighbourhood attempting to play Pokémon Go in the dark, it’s probably a safer idea to try and keep everyone contained within the house.

Thankfully there’s been a real trend for some fairly low-tech games to be big hits in 2016. So whether you’re playing Pie Face, getting your head around Speak Out, or just having another online pokies session, it showed that there’s many ways to stay entertained as 2017 approaches!


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