Cool videos offer definitive guide to bingo lingo


Jargon and indecipherable text can infiltrate many areas of our lives – from technical manuals to assembly instructions for furniture. But what about the world of gaming and fun? Bingo has been a popular game for sometime but even here it seems that jargon has managed to take root – until now!

A series of videos being released by Costa Bingo are finding ways to map the full bingo dialogue so that we can finally enjoy a definitive guide to the bingo lingo. Videos will be produced for all 90 bingo calls with a number of them already live on YouTube and this will provide the ultimate resource for newcomers wanting to get to grips with the game.

The best bit is the videos help to provide visual reminders and cues for those looking to learn the lingo – much more effective than simply listing the answers! The videos were also produced by everyday people like you and me, not by a corporate body, so they have a real natural feel to them that makes them a pleasure to watch.

I’m a particular fan of this video – for number 32: buckle my shoe – it’s a simple concept but it works!