Creating a themed BBQ party


So you’ve had a major BBQ party – or perhaps even several – every year. They always go down well and you’ve perhaps even perfected your recipes so well on that Weber from Wow BBQ that guests are guaranteed culinary class. Yet it feels like perhaps you need to mix things up a bit.

Why not create a bit of a different feel for your next BBQ by opting for a themed event?

BBQs can be impromptu affairs where you bring out the grill to cook things up just because you fancy doing it that day. Obviously, the themed party option is more geared towards a big, more highly organised and less off-the-cuff event!

We thought we’d provide you with just a handful of ideas that might make the theme party process that bit more simple!

Pick a theme

It all starts with choosing a theme. You want to aim for something personal that you’ll enjoy – but that also resonates with your guests and won’t be too tricky for them to take part in. Go for something broad in scope, that can be applied to a variety of different parts of your bash.

For example, a good theme for a BBQ might be something along the lines of The USA. BBQ foods commonly have links to the States, so you could easily put together a great menu based on this theme. And it can also be easily incorporated into people’s dress if you fancy. For example, a fancy dress do where people dress as US celebs would be one road to go down, while something more subtle could involve simply a US themed dress code – meaning people could turn up in jeans and probably still be considered to be part of the theme!

BBQ Party
BBQ Party

Tell your guests

Guests might need a little bit more time to prepare for a themed party, so its a good idea to get the word with plenty of time to spare. You might want to make your invites reflect your theme, and your craft skills could well come in handy here. Make sure you give everyone the details of exactly what the theme entails on their part – for example, the sort of dress code you’re encouraging for the event, the sorts of food and drink it might be good for them to bring. But don’t be too prescriptive or people might be put off and feel like they are being too tied down by your theme.

Arrange your menu

Don’t overface yourself by trying to be too ambitious with the menu, but do think about how the things you make could be linked to the theme. For the US theme we talked about above, this is easy to think about. For some other themes, a little more imagination might be needed. But remember to have fun with the connections you make!

Devise your activities

Themed activities can also be a good bet. Music that suits your theme can add just the right soundtrack to the occasion, and games that link to the theme can also be great – USA quiz, anyone?


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