Cruise on the British Isles


Summer is undoubtedly the best time for a British Isles cruise. Not only because of the number of offers one can find, but also, especially because of the weather. If you want to tour the British Isles, making the complete cruise by boat, will fully take advantage of summer. Visiting England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in one trip is possible and amazing thanks to trips with Cruise and Maritime. This is the British Isles cruise.

The main port of departure is Southampton, about two hours south of London. You can also combine the cruise with the British Isles with a visit to the English capital which is always comforting.

To make the complete trip to the British Isles by cruise you will need 12 or 14 days. The first port you reach may be Newcastle, north of England, or Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands. Newcastle does not have great appeal, but it serves to know a typical English city. The Shetland Islands is somewhat different, with its green hills, dramatic cliffs and the curious ponies.

Afterwards you’ll enter Scotland. Lovely Edinburgh awaits you. To visit it, there are two possible ports: Rosyth and Leith. The closest is the latter. Rosyth is 45 minutes from the city. In Edinburgh, do not miss its magnificent castle and the Royal Mile, ideal for walking.

From Edinburgh you’ll want to head to Glasgow. This industrial town is reputed to be the ugly duckling of Scotland. However, it hides great attractions. But, really, their interest is in being the gateway to the highlands, the Scottish mountains which are breathtaking. An excursion to Loch Lomond should be on your agenda when visiting this port, where you stop at Greenock, 30 minutes from Glasgow.

Afterwards you’ll leave another of the British Isles to stop in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Although the city has great charm, the priority of the visit is certainly the Giants Causeway. It is one of the most unbelievable places in the world. There you’ll find spectacular cliffs with very curious rock formations. Do not miss it!

The visit to the Giants Causeway is the star tour of the British Isles cruise. It’s an hour and a half from Belfast. To enjoy this landscape peacefully you need two hours. You can do the tour on foot or by bus. The recommendation, walk up to the top and return by bus on the lower part.

After Belfast, Ireland is the next port of your British Isles cruise. Ready for Dublin? The port is a few kilometers from the city. The Irish capital has many attractions. A river cruise, Trinity College, Castle or Temple Bar must be essential points of your tour. For something different, a visit to the Guinness or Jameson Factory is also recommended.

Liverpool is the next port in the British Isles. Your cruise ship docks right in the city, so it is very convenient to visit it on foot. For me, Liverpool is one of the most beautiful cities in England. The largest cathedral in Europe awaits you there. Its maritime past, Beatles history and Old Trafford stadium complete an extraordinary experience.

The last ports of our cruise on the British Isles are less well known. Some are not always on the itinerary. For me, the most amazing, Holyhead, in Wales. Visiting Snowdonia National Park is spectacular, a delight of nature. Port Meirion is another surprise, a beautiful village integrated in its surroundings.

Before returning to Southampton to complete the cruise on the British Isles, you can stop in Plymouth to meet a typical southern city of England. You can also visit the south of Ireland, Waterford, although it lacks interest.

Getting to know the British Isles by cruise is the best way. It is the best way to trip around the whole United Kingdom. Comfortable and friendly.


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