Dolphins rescued swimmer from a white shark in New Zealand


Today’s news is coming from New Zealand. A long-dinstance swimmer was lucky enough to avoid being attacked by a white shark thanks to the lifesaving intervention of a group of dolphins! Adam Walker got vigorously into the icy water -in response to the Oceans Sevens challenge- when he realized that a two-meter white shark was coming right to way! Within seconds, ten dolphins came to his sides, surrounding him, and got him away from the most dangerous creature of the ocean.

Meet Adam
Meet Adam

This is the sixth attempt for the British, lasting for eight hours and thirty-six minutes, which aims to raise funds for the non-governmental organization Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. The dolphins swam beside him for about an hour, covering a distance of 16 miles, thus helping him become the first British to win the bet of the seven marine marathons.

Swimming with the dolphins
Swimming with the dolphins

The swimmer said that he believed that the dolphins came out of nowhere to protect him and show him the way home. He continued saying that this is an experience of a lifetime for him, one that he will always remeber, and also said that sometimes the dolphins were swimming so close to him that he could even touch their tails. Fortunately, the shark didn’t try to attack the dolphins and disappeared into the depths of Cook Strait.

Good guys dolphins
Good guys dolphins

However, according to him, during the marathon swimmers face bigger threats than the sudden appearence a shark because of the strong currents making their effort much too unstable! It is no coincidence that Walker discribes the experience as if you were swimming into a washing machine. Futhermore, the swimmer has faced much worse moments, such as the encounter with a smack of jellyfish in Hawaii.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that dolphins save swimmers from the scary king of the ocean. Another example was that in New Zealand, in 2004, four swimmers had the same experience. Rob Howes, his 15-year old daughter and two of her friends were miraculously survived the encounter with a shark that was three meters long when a group of dolphins blocked its path and accompanied them for 40 minutes into the ocean.

According to Rob, the water was crystal clear and they noticed that a white shark was there, two meters away. Suddenly several dolphins appeared and formed a tight circle around them. It was only then that they realized they were there to protect them.

By +Nikos Kontorigas


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