Google’s New Tech Tog to Leave You Smelling Fresh and Sweet All Day


Where innovation is concerned, it is often a question of what will they think of next? While some inventions end up as a lazy aid or completely useless, others can become a person’s extension or life saver.

Take for instance Google’s fragrance emission device. Considering that it comes from a company that has their users’ best interest in mind, you can bet this new invention would be anything but useless. The FED, as we will shorten it for easy recall, is a wearable tech that detects if your body odor is about to reach unacceptable social levels and deodorizes you promptly.


As described by a patent, issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the tech tog will keep anyone smelling good and fragrant all day. The device will easily fit under your clothes, and will be attached close to body parts that emit body odors. It comes with an array of sensors that will monitor all your activities and gauge how smelly you have become after doing all of them. It will then shot down any stench that threatens rise with a blast of sweet fragrances. This eliminates the need to re-apply deodorant after a long day at work and you need to go out on a date or something.


Not only is the FED useful for people who have B.O. for a shadow, but also for people with keen smells. Rather than suffer through a stinky train ride, you will only smell the roses, provided that the B.O.-riddled passenger uses the FED. Moreover, it is intelligent enough to release just the right amount and whiff intensity, so as not to irritate your nose.

Aside from a fan that ensures fragrance is distributed to the right places, it detects if anyone in your social network is nearby. Considering that you will always be ready to socialize when you know you don’t smell, might as well meet regularly with friends or colleagues, right?