Here’s Why You Could Be Shaving Wrong


There are actually a lot of things that could go wrong when you’re using a razor on your face. Grooming experts say that a lot of people have been shaving wrong, perhaps, their entire life. But thankfully, correcting it is much easier than you could imagine.

Not washing before you shave

Did you know that the best time to shave is after a shower? Water can soften your beard or any stubble. But you need enough water to soak up the hair. Stay under your shower for two more minutes to let the water rinse your face before shaving.

Not trimming before you shave

When you have a big bushy beard, you will likely tug and pull it with a shaver, which is so uncomfortable, making it wrong. So, use an electric razor across it first until you have a shadow. This creates a much cleaner shave.

Not opening up your pores

Your face isn’t used to sharp objects, which is why some stubble can be quite stubborn. To make sure your razor easily glides across your face, use a hot towel treatment. All you need is a clean hand towel that’s soaked in very hot water. Next, drape the towel over your face for several minutes until it’s no longer hot. This will effectively open up your pores and soften facial hair.

Not using enough shaving cream


Lather your face or chin with shaving cream in a circular motion. Make sure you get good coverage before dragging the razor on your skin. This is important because the shaving cream acts as a lubricant that will protect your skin from the sharp razor.

Not using the right kind of razor

This doesn’t mean that you should’ve bought those expensive razors, which were a thing in the early 1900s. Instead, go for the modern razors that are built to protect people from cutting themselves as they are ergonomic and easy to use.


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