Here’s How to Grow Your Hair Longer ASAP


Short hairstyles for women are all the rage nowadays. You see a lot of celebrities sporting bobs and pixie cuts now and then. But these hairstyles can grow old and get out of fashion in the future, as fashion constantly changes. For a no-fail haircut that lets you wear any do, long hair is always the answer.

But what if you’ve cut your hair to a pixie? Waiting for it to naturally grow can be such a drag. Thankfully, there are simple ways to help grow your locks ASAP.


Make adjustments to your diet.

Mixing protein and nutrients into your diet improves the condition of your hair. This is because healthy eating strengthens your follicles and prevents each strand from breaking easily. It also helps to incorporate omega-3 oils. So, start packing on fish, nuts and supplements.

Physicians advice though that people should keep their weight stable and to avoid yo-yo dieting or other fad dieting because it can affect the quality of your hair.

Be smart about styling your tresses.

Heat can damage your hair and scalp. So, if you use hair straighteners or curling irons on a regular basis, you can expect your hair to be brittle and dry. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause damage, too, making your locks harder to grow. But by diligently applying deep conditioner, it can regain its former glory.


Use vitamins and condition ingredients.

You can effectively stimulate hair growth by using vitamins and supplements that can help increase the production of enzymes and hormones that allow your hair to grow faster. This helps push regeneration of anti-aging ingredients that can speed up hair growth. Doctors recommend supplements that contain biotin, vitamin C and shark powder.

Avoid too much stress.

Stress can affect hair. This is why you need to get deep-tissue massages every week so your body and mind can relax. Keep in mind that stress can cause your adrenal system to produce more cortisol, which can cause skin and hair problems.


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