How Answering Services Work


Thousands of businesses of all sizes use a telephone answering service, but do you really know how these services work? Let’s take a look at why so many business owners choose to use them and how they work to not only save you time, but also a lot of money.

Many single sole traders, small businesses and partnerships make good use of telephone answering services because it saves them having to stop whatever they are doing to answer their incoming phone calls. This is especially frustrating for a single sole trader who has to handle everything in relation to their business. Whether they design and build products to sell, or need to focus their attention on important figures and calculations where they cannot afford to break their concentration or make a mistake, such as a freelance accountant or bookkeeper, an incoming phone call can be a big disruption for them. However, ignoring the phone to get your work done can be a big mistake because you will be losing a lot of potential new business by doing so.

While you are busy in a meeting with a client or trying to broker a deal, having a telephone answering service is a perfect solution for catching every incoming business call while you are unavailable.

But it’s not just sole traders or small businesses that can benefit from these services – a lot of larger businesses that would need a very large telephone support infrastructure can also benefit from using an outsourced service. Not only would they be saving money by not needing to hire a large number of staff to answer their calls, but they wouldn’t need to buy or rent the office space to house them – or pay out for the necessary telecommunications equipment and infrastructure needed to accommodate the volume of calls they receive. This is why many larger businesses use professional call centres to handle this side of things for them.

How can a telephone answering service help you?

Your call answering service will be able to take your incoming calls and handle them as you instruct us to. Your service can take callers wanting to make appointments with you, and also be able to handle calls coming in after your regular business hours or during lunch breaks where you will not be available. Should you be off sick for a day or even taking a well-earned break away on holiday, your calls will still be securely and professionally answered a dealt with in your absence, so you don’t need to worry while you are away.

Never miss a call again by hiring a professional telephone answering service.