How to Effectively Manage a Stressful Workweek


Struggling to meet all deadlines and getting stuck in back to back meetings, not to mention the backlogs and tons of emails that you need to address is something that every employee does not want to go through. Unfortunately, there are times when things at the workplace can get a little crazy leaving you with no other choice but to deal with it. However, it would help if you also did something about it to avoid getting burnt out in the process. So here are some tips to get you started.

Go out with friends

Relaxing with your friends after work by inviting them out for coffee or dinner at your favourite restaurant can help reduce stress caused by too much workload. You and your friends can reminisce and catch up with your daily lives even for just a couple of hours.

If your friends are not available then why not bond with your co-workers after office hours? Being with people who share the same sentiments as you can help everyone deal with the situation on a lighter note by finding humour despite the challenges that your group is facing. Bonding with your colleagues is also an excellent opportunity to create a game plan for how to effectively manage things at work.

Have some me time

Spending some time alone and not doing anything that is work related can help you recover from a stressful week that you had at the office. You can opt to have a relaxing massage, a pedicure or spend some time relaxing using the steam shower to help calm your senses. Sometimes all we need is to be in a place where there is no noise or any distraction to help us ease our nerves.

Do things one at a time

When you are busy it is essential that you learn how to multi-task; however, not everyone is good at this. Some people find multi-tasking quite confusing and overwhelming and often end up being unproductive which can cause frustration especially if you have many things on your plate. If you want to accomplish more things in your workplace, you can organise your daily tasks and deliverables by creating a checklist before starting your day. This way you know the things that need your utmost attention before moving to the least important tasks for the day.

Initiate a buddy system

If there are many of you working in one department and things are still too much to handle on a daily basis then, maybe, it is time for you to step up and find ways to make things better. Why don’t you suggest to your colleagues to work on a pairing or buddy system to ensure that everyone has their fair share of responsibilities and accountability in the workplace? Aside from that, a buddy system makes work easier for everyone in the office, and this also promotes teamwork and a healthy working environment.

Most of us need to work hard to earn a living and pay the bills. However, do not forget to strike a balance between work and your personal life.