4 Ways Technology is Changing the Modern Classroom


When people say that new technology affects every aspect of modern life, they really mean it. From the boardroom to the dining room, new tech constantly changes how people handle everyday issues. Unsurprisingly, then, technology has had a big impact on modern education.

What’s more, new tech will continue to reshape the way we think about academic policies well into the future. Here are four ways that new tech is currently altering how teachers and students interact:

Remote Capabilities

Thanks to the rise of video platforms like Skype, teachers can remotely engage with other educators from around the globe. Not only does this allow teachers to compare their lesson strategies with other professionals, but it also enables progressive educators to plan collaborative projects between multiple classes. So, for instance, students in Greece could theoretically share presentations with students from Minnesota who are covering the same material. Lastly, innovations like Skype also make it much easier for adult students and educators to touch base and hold discussions on a regular basis.

Video Demonstrations

No two people learn in the same manner or at the same rate. And while reading comprehension and retention is still a vital skill, the abundance of educational videos offer both students and teachers a valuable resource. These videos can be used to supplement lectures or reading material, or they can constitute an entire lesson plan on their own. Videos are an extremely engaging medium, and many young students prefer consuming information through visual content.

Tech Literacy

It’s imperative for teachers at all levels to ensure that their students are exposed to important tech developments and understand how to use basic software programs. However, just what “basic programs” means could dramatically change in the not-so-distant future. It’s entirely possible that elementary-school teachers may one day instruct their students how to create a website from scratch!

Physical Tech Tools

Educators should never underestimate the positive impact physical tech appliances can deliver. A new smartboard or classroom microphone, for instance, could dramatically increase student engagement. Plus, gadgets like these also make it easier for educators to encourage collaboration and participation.

The Bottom Line

It’s worth remembering that though technology may change the way teachers implement certain techniques, the crux of student-teacher interactions will likely remain the same for many years to come. And simply put, the best tech advancements make it easier for students to engage with the material. The good news is, as innovative tech becomes more widespread and applicable, teachers will have greater access to it.