How To Protect Your Car From Stormy Conditions


Southern California is a classic car owner’s paradise.  There are some neighborhoods where almost every driveway has cars covered with premium car covers.  Of course, there are millions of classic car owners around the world who do not live in such ideal weather conditions.

What is the best car cover material to protect your car from rain and snow?  Besides car covers, what else can you do to protect classic cars from inclement weather?

Keep Classic Cars Indoors During Stormy Weather

The best car cover of all is a roof and four walls.  Some classic car owners keep their cars in a garage all year round, but this is an expensive option.  Even if you cannot afford to garage your car all year, consider taking it to a garage during the worst weather.  The ideal place for it is a climate-controlled garage.  Keeping your car parked on frozen ground, even if it is paved, can cause wear and tear.  Besides, when your car is indoors, high winds cannot bother it.

Choose a Stormweave Car Cover

If you keep your classic car parked outdoors on your driveway, the right car cover makes a big difference in protecting the car’s exterior.  Stormweave is one of the most durable materials for a classic car.  Its four layers give the car plenty of protection against rain and moderate winds.  Despite its name, Stormweave is also intended to protect the car from the sun.  Long-term exposure to UV rays can damage a car’s paint job.  Having a sufficiently thick, light-colored car cover can help protect your car from the sun’s rays and heat.

A car cover is very good at protecting your car from everyday sun and rain.  In really severe storms, though, you should store the car indoors.


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