Key factors for the success of an entrepreneurs while starting a successful business


Entrepreneurs have unique personality traits that lead to achieving their goals. They have concluded that there are six factors present today in the worldwide gate of entrepreneurs, and these are

success of an entrepreneurs

Vision – Refers to the idealisation of the future. Currently there are two kinds of people: those generators of changes and those who only expect changes. An entrepreneur must not only create a business, they should create a cause that motivates their actions and channels to achieve this.

Creativity – Use of imagination to create new and efficient solutions for different types of problems that arise. Entrepreneurs are people who use this resource to address various situations , having previously broken the fear of criticism, neophobia , the usual and customary to procrastination that recur when trying to use creativity problems.

Attitude – They should challenge to adversity and change.

Leadership – Influence people so that they contribute to the achievement of common goals to propose entrepreneurial leaders.

Commitment – The entrepreneur should be sustained by motivation.

Ongoing Education – Leaders have never enough – they should study and update the hard drive of their brain with all the new technologies and trends. They shouldn’t only rely only on their business management degree course but take the next step and opt for a master’s degree or cheaper postgraduate diplomas.

Building a successful business:

What do you want to do ?

The first thing you have to know when to undertake an entrepreneurial business is what you want to do , ie , what is the project of business .

There are two different paths leading to the above:

If we have an idea for a an original business, which does not exist in the market, we will also open up new markets, new needs, etc., developing a product or service that already exists and what we do is to give a new air another way to capture the needs that had been created but have not been satisfied for some reason – on the other hand we have detected and valued them as important.

Who will be part of the project?

This is where we have to define what the project members. The project has to be able to develop with different agents:

This would be the most logical case. The idea came from one or more people at certain time and for certain circumstances and together you decide to start a business venture. This would apply to working partners.

Another way to create company is to be a silent partner , ie , where the developer has an idea and the resources to start a business that completely lacks the commitment of daily work so you hire both managers and employees to carry out business while the promoter is only involved financially from it.


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