Hertz goes green with waterless car wash

Car rental company Hertz is going green, with a new car washing system that will save them an estimated 130 million gallons of water a year. The eco-friendly car wash was developed by Green Team Partner, LLC. The new system doesn’t just save water, its non-toxic too. Green Team Partner have created  a car wash formula that is biodegradable and hyper-concentrated, meaning an entire car can be washed with only 6 ounces of formula… and no water whatsoever!

E Friendly Waterless Carwash

E Friendly Waterless Carwash

The car wash solution is sprayed onto the car and molecules inside the formula lift dirt particles off the car’s paint. The whole process takes just 8 minutes. At the end, a microfiber towel is used to wipe the dirt off the car and another towel is used to polish.  As so little product is needed, the new car wash system has decreased shipping costs by 79%. Hertz has plans to install the new car washing system in 200 stores, then they collect feedback. If the feedback is all positive, Hertz will expand the new system to more than 3,700 facilities across Europe and the US.

Going green makes perfect sense: not only will the car wash system help the environment; but it will save the company millions of pounds in shipping and energy costs. Hertz has a reputation of offering low cost car rentals and saving money on car cleaning means Hertz can keep passing their savings onto the customer. The chairman and chief executive of Hertz has said that they have one of the biggest fleets of cars in the world. This means a lot of time and energy goes into keeping them all clean, not just all the water that is used, but the energy it takes to heat and treat the water before it can be used.

Green waterless carwash

Green waterless carwash

With the new waterless car washing system, Hertz can reduce the amount of energy needed to wash their large fleet, which helps the environment and cuts unnecessary costs at the same time. Perhaps a lot of big businesses would go down the environmentally-friendly route if they knew it could save them money. Hertz is also giving many of its facilities a green make-over, switching to LED lights and using solar energy systems to power some of its facilities. The company also wants to give customers the option of hiring an eco-friendly car, which is good news for customers and great news for planet earth.

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