Making it through January


January can be a drag. All the emotional investment – not to mention the expense – that you’ve pumped into Christmas and New Year holidays can make the period through to the spring time feel like an uphill struggle. It’s invariably dark and miserable outside and everyone is tucked up indoors, counting their pennies and wondering whether all that Xmas excess was really worth the while. Obviously, it’s time for a new hobby; something to while away the long, dark hours of those miserable winter evenings.

Old favourites will inevitably score highly. Hitting the gym is the classic expression of a desire to start the New Year as you mean to go on. We’ve nothing against it; a healthy body is a healthy mind and all that. But as a New Year resolution it’s such a cliché that it’s almost doomed from the start. The other half of the cliché, of course, is that by the end of February your gym gear will be stuck in the bottom of the laundry and you’ll have forgotten all about your good intentions. If you’re doing something because you feel you have to – which is the way it usually works post-Christmas – then your motivation will fade faster than you can say ‘healthy eating’. It’s just the way it is.

What you need is something that has the capacity to get more interesting and more rewarding the more of it you do. No one has ever said that about a rowing machine.

If you already enjoy the buzz that goes with the occasional bet, check out the possibilities that spread betting can bring you. Spread betting is betting for grown-ups in that you really do need to do your homework to get it right. If you’re looking for a new way to take your mind off the January blues, getting to grips with the highly sophisticated range of products that leading providers offer can be guaranteed to focus your attention. Tradefair deliver a sophisticated range of spread betting options that extends to financial markets as well as sporting events. As a way to forget about the world outside, you couldn’t ask for a more immersive environment.

Fresh Start
Fresh Start

The great thing about starting out at somewhere like Tradefair is that they allow you to set up a dummy account as a way to learn exactly what is involved. You don’t have to part with a penny – which is no bad thing at this time of the year – but in the process you can build up the expertise and the strategies you’ll need once you start to play for real. You can access it either via a trading screen on your laptop or PC or via a smartphone app. Either way, it is the perfect introduction to a whole new realm of betting. It’s like having a whole new toy to play with, but one that keeps growing the more you learn.

The thing about spread betting is that is requires a degree of insight as to how the mechanics of the bet work as well as a serious attention to the variables involved in what you are actually betting on. It is about as far away as a punt on the Grand National as you could ask for. In the process of working your way to a perfect understanding of your chosen field you will, undoubtedly, add to your stock of knowledge about it. Whether that is sports-related or something more commercially oriented like Foreign Exchange or stock-market trading, an entry into the world of spread betting can be an eye-opening education.

Given all those New Year resolutions – to be a better person, to be fitter and healthier, to be more disciplined and more dedicated – learning about spread betting is just the sort of educational self-improvement that might just help you make it through January.


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