New Consumer Product to Prevent Viruses from Infecting Humans


Do you know that it is possible for the human race to fend off diseases caused by viruses in the future? Well, it is perhaps unbelievable for now given there are many cases of illnesses that still don’t have any cure.

On the contrary, the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore in collaboration with IBM have made an announcement regarding this development. Teams are reportedly working on a certain chemical that they can mix with soap products to put an end to the deadly viruses such as Ebola, herpes and zika.

scientist working at the laboratory

Likewise, the Watson Supercomputer at IBM is also working to make a macromolecule to fight viruses by enabling the body to boost its own immune system. This will act by nullifying the impact of the virus that could infect the healthy cells of the body. It will be able to stop the replicating nature of such viruses, effectively putting an end to its mutation into a new or harder-to-fight version.

According to the group leader of the Institute, a macromolecule that is anti-viral in nature has been created by the group of experts in order to deal with such viruses by blocking the activity of the virus to infect healthy cells. More findings also confirmed that it is not toxic and is safe to use.


Experts also added that they have finally devised a kind of attack to handle viruses in a different perspective. Instead of dealing with it through its DNA or RNA, they have revised their method by controlling the glycoproteins surrounding the virus.

Researchers also confirmed that they have already tried and tested the chemical in the laboratory to fight dengue, Ebola, and herpes simplex. They are now hoping to work with consumer products to help them fight such viruses by mixing them with hand cleaners, soaps, and wipes to begin with.



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