New Zealand’s Fashion Week Turns Heads


August 31st marked the final day of New Zealand’s Fashion Week, which took place at Auckland’s ANZ Viaduct Events Center. The event drew designers, marketers, bloggers and shoppers from around the country and around the globe! Running from August 25 through the end of the month, it marked the largest fashion weekend in NZ. Along with top fashion designers, regional and world media representation, some of Auckland’s performers were there to set the tone.

New Zealand Fashion Week

The New Zealand Fashion Week, which began in 2001, shapes the foundation for the county’s fashion business. The NZFW platform allows designers from the area to endorse their unique styles and brands at home as well as to a far-reaching audience. This year, New Zealand designers had the floor as they presented their upcoming Autumn-Winter 2015-fashion collections. With international media, and marketers at hand, the event provided a serious arena for the fashion industry as well as a colorful gala of exciting new concepts and styles.

NZ fashion week
NZ fashion week

Fourteen Years of Fashion

Beginning the 14th year of refreshing new approaches, the New Zealand Fashion Week has become NZs foremost fashion extravaganza. Serving as both an economical and inspired springboard, the event sets the tone for the fashion industry throughout the nation. As an enormously successful public relations affair, the NZFW allowed the country’s very capable and creative designers to take the spotlight during this dazzling week of exceptional designs. Brand names had the opportunity to take on a life of their own, showing clothing and accessories with a novel and refreshing new approach. Entire collections are improved and revised as they were prepared to take center-stage before an eagerly waiting worldwide market.

The NZFW Designers

Elizabeth Soljak was just one of several featured designers at the event. The inspiration behind her ‘A La Robe’ collection included subtle flowing custom-gowns from her Parnell boutique. The latest designs, by internationally acclaimed jewelry designer, Michael Hill, were a highlight to this year’s collection. Other renowned creators, such as Zambesi and award winning James Dobson (Jimmy D) based in Auckland, also managed to steal the show. Dozens of established and emerging designers in the world’s market converged and received global recognition.

NZ fashion week
NZ fashion week

More about NZFW

Each year, the New Zealand Fashion Week serves as the country’s pivotal fashion forum. Designers share ideas, meet to discuss upcoming trends and review the fashion climate on both national and international levels.  Lively music, drama, theater, street-chic photography, the press, fashion bloggers, and celebrities added to the 2014 atmosphere. Over time, the event continues to evolve. The first three days of NZFW, (August 26-28th) primarily included trade days with some consumer selections that were available on the third day. The following three days consisted of consumer access by the public, during the New Zealand Fashion Weekend (August 29 through the 31st, 2014).

While the trade days included the designers, those they chose to invite, and important delegates, NZ Fashion’s weekend extravaganza was, without a doubt, the highlight of the show. With seminars, full show access, and a ‘Designer Garage Sale,’ there is no doubt that this year’s NZ Fashion Week was the ultimate design sensation!