Your smartphone ended up getting wet! Now what?


It’s something that has happened to many people and probably you have a couple of friends that boast about it. It may be a prank gone wrong, your forgeting it in your pocket when having taken a dive or even an unexpected bucket challenge that appeared out of nowhere. Not to mention the ones that have ended up in the toilet.


Unfortunately, smartphones are not waterproof and, every once in a while, there are cases that our precious phones have had close encounteres with water. Though there are very few thing you can actually do to save it (and yourself, considering the financial disaster), there are ways to get water out of the way. Let’s check some.

It's nothing, just a few drops here and there...
It’s nothing, just a few drops here and there…

1. You have to act immediately. Right away. Time may be your friend in many occasions, but this is not one of them. You have to remove the battery and the SIM card immediately. In cases you can’t take the battery off, like on an iPhone, just turn the device off -that is something you have to do either way. The thing is that you have to do it by pressing as few buttons as possible.

2. Use a (paper) towel, a dry piece of clothing or anything dry you have available to wipe the water completely off your device and its removable parts. Shake it gently to get rid of the water stuck in the headphones or the charger socket.

Make it as dry as possilble
Make it as dry as possilble

3. It’s time for rice. Yes, rice! Rice has this amazing ability to absorb any moisture. All you have to do is put your device and its parts on a bowl and cover it with rice for 24 hours. Voila! Tip: use a napkin and wrap it around the phone and its parts to avoid that sticky layer that rice creates.

Rice will work its magic
Rice will work its magic

4. Silicone balls. Here’s another trick for those who question the rice method. The silicone balls in the shoe boxes have huge water-wicking properties.

5. Having given a try to the methods above, comes the moment of truth. Put the parts together and try to turn your smartphone on. At this point, you may also try praying a little bit, as most smartphone manufacturers don’t cover this kind of damage on their guarantees. In fact, there are even sensors installed on some devices that can tell if the device has had excessive moisture.

The thing is, you have to prevent this from happening in the first place. Just think of the data you may lose if something like this happens to you: text messages, photos, contacts… Keep you device away from water and be a happy smartphone owner.

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By +Nikos Kontorigas