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Once again, we have found a great way for you, our valued traveler, to benefit from your travels. We travel, we take photos, it’s now a natural part of our life. Photographs are the window to our memories, in others, they can instill dreams, educate and inspire. Now, you can post a photo and win the chance to travel to any location, anywhere in the world.

A great photograph speaks to everyone that views it; it tells a story. Through lighting, composition and subject, it draws you in and whispers to you all its secrets. With a perfect photo, every time you view it, it reveals more about itself, its meaning, its place in our world and the person that snapped it.

Captured Power and Energy

Throughout the world, natural and man-made, there are magnificent sites you can capture on your travels. The thunderous energy expelled by magnificent waterfalls in Asia, Europe and the Americas has always been a source of incredible images captured through a lens. The harnessed power of the great dams around the world have been captured by the camera since its early inception. They show a man’s ability to capture nature’s energy and utilize its power.

Desolate Topography Tells a Story

Lifeless lands, where even nature struggles, are always of great fascination to man. The unimaginable harshness of unsustainable tundra has always begged the question of how, even nature can survive. The dry, arid landscapes such as that of Namibia, and the lifeless outback of Australia have always spoken volumes about nature’s ability to survive. With equal fascination, the inhospitable, icy tundra at the extremes of the world, captured through a camera, tells us stories of life and death struggles of survival.

Perfect Imagery of Grace and Beauty

An Indian bride at the City of Lakes in Rajasthan is perhaps the personification of female beauty. Or maybe it’s a bikini clad, blond beauty wallowing in the hot, steaming waters of the geothermal lakes of The Blue Lagoon in Grindavik. Perhaps the prima ballerina performing the part of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker Suite with the Bolshoi Ballet is the ultimate in grace and beauty.

Grace and beauty are not exclusive domains of the human race. The natural world gives us grace and beauty in abundance. The grace of a speeding cheater as it races across the African plains in pursuance of its prey, captured in a single frame, is as graceful as any ballerina. Colorful macaws in the lush green rainforests of the Amazon have a beauty equal to that of any catwalk queen, a beauty that can only be captured in nature.

Land and Seascapes Through the Lens

The sky-scraping skyline of New York has, over the years, spoken millions of words through thousands of photographic images, and has inspired many a dream. By contrast, the peaceful serenity to be found in every captured vision of Ayers Rock, inspires very different dreams. The camera can witness the violence of the sea, or its dreamy beauty as the sun sets over the blue waters in the Caribbean.

Thai Airways and Thai Smile are giving away 38 fantastic prizes of return tickets to amazing locations around the world, with the first prize flying you Royal Thai Silk to any destination, anywhere in the world. Simply choose the prized photo from your gallery and post on Facebook or Instagram by July 15th with your caption, add flight number, travel date and use a #LetsSenseTheWorld

This is yet another great opportunity with us, for you, our loyal travelers, to join in our success, and to enjoy our service to fantastic locations for free. Check it out here, and get on board.


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