Reasons why you should be single


Do you want a good reason for being single? Let’s say that there are plenty! Undoubtedly being solo has its drawbacks too, the greatest among them is the need to constantly fight loneliness. If you are in a relatioship and have seconds thoughts about it, this is the initiative you need. So here’s a list of good reasons for being single, for women, for men and for both!

To the single ladies

  •         Take a good look in the mirror. You can put aside your obsessions about the extra kilos you have (hypothetically) put on.
  •         Bye bye football! You can finally forget that this sport is a reality that exists in this world.
Looking great, aren't you?
Looking great, aren’t you?
  •         Car driving is easy, without the horrible feeling of being faced with a new driving test every single time.
  •       You can finally do your make up and get ready taking your sweet time, without a soundtrack of complaints in the background.
  •       Viva comfort. You can finally throw away those outfits of torture with which you went to bed and pamper yourself in your beautiful pijamas.
  •        Face masks are back! You will be free to do it and no-one will be there to compare it to the swamp monster.

For the guys

  •       You can leave behind the grueling shopping marathon around shopping centers. The endless chaos and indecision over a skirt or a blouse will be just a bad memory.
  •       You can say goodbye to your sworn enemies: the mood swings.
  •      Stop the interrogation. You no longer have to account for your every single move, like you would do if you worked for the CIA.
Why didn't you call me 10 times last night?
Why didn’t you call me 10 times last night?
  •         You know the parties to which you are forced to go and where you know no-one and you just watch her to her female friends and wait until its over? Yeap, goodbye to that too.
  •         Take up your hobbies once again. You are calm, you can finally dedicate yourself to your favorite stupid hobby, without someone to remind you how stupid it is and making you anrgy in the process.
  •         Long live freedom. If you want to spend your Sunday mornings sleeping, playing video games or just killing time no one will blame you for your laziness.

For the both of you

  •         Your social life will improve significantly: the single status will allow you to devote more time to family and friends who may have neglected a bit.
  •        Your wallet will thank you. Being single means in fact that you no longer have to think about gifts, anniversary, Valentines Day and so on and so forth.
  •         You will sleep better. According to recent studies, sleeping alone ensures a better quality of sleep than when you are sleeping in pairs.
Sleeping tight
Sleeping tight
  •         Your career will benefit. In principle, companies prefer to hire or promote single people, because they are more willing to accept flexible working hours and working overtime.
  •         To each his own. You can finally choose to go to the cinema to watch a movie that you really like and not to accompany and be happy with your other half.

 By +Nikos Kontorigas


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