Retail Business is Changing: 5 Tips to Ensure Customer Loyalty During These Uncertain Times


Loyal customers are the key to a successful business. Sixty-seven per cent of customers are more loyal than new or occasional customers. Building that relationship with your customers is what keeps them coming back. These healthy relationships encourages customers to purchase more of your products and services.

1 – Make Customer Service a Priority

According to the 2015 Aspect Consumer Experience Index, 76% of customers say that when a company prioritises customer service, it shows how much they respect their customers. If you want to increase customer loyalty, then you’ll have to focus on providing exceptional customer service. During this time, customers will interact with your staff and get a feel for the services. You don’t want customers to have to make repeat calls about poor products or service, wait in a queue, make a return or ask for a refund.

Your retail staff should be engaging, friendly, and inviting. They should be available to answer questions and solve problems in a timely manner. You should be able to meet the payment needs of your customers, being up to date with the latest payment apps on the market. Your retail business should work hard to answer customer concerns and problems as quickly as possible. The same goes for your e-mail, telephone, and social media support.

2 – Set High Expectations Early On

If you don’t set high expectations early on, then your customers will not be happy with your service. You may think you deliver quality service, but your results say different. Your communication style is a core component for meeting those expectations. You should communicate your goals and what’s expected with your products and services. This will keep your customers happy in the long run.

3 – Reward Your Customers

Another way to increase customer loyalty is to reward them every so often. You can create a loyalty program that offers discounts, offers, and savings on future orders. According to CrowdTwist Survey, 76% of women followed by 72% of men are more likely to shop at a retail store that offers a loyalty or rewards program. Customers feel good knowing that you appreciate their business. They choose you to spend their money on the products and services they need. You should return the favour by rewarding your customers.

4 – Showcase Studies Through the Sales Process

During the sales process, customers decide whether your products or services are what they need. Showcasing case studies that prove how your products or services can help them encourage them to make that decision. You can also share facts, reviews, and testimonials from former customers. It allows the customers to better understand how your products or services work, so they feel more comfortable investing their money into your company.

5 – Ask Your Customers for Advice

It’s important for companies to respond to customer feedback on an ongoing basis. You should make an effort to reach out to your customers for their input and to listen to it. If there’s something wrong with the layout of your store, then correct it. Once the changes are made, ask your customers their opinion. It proves to your customers that you not only appreciate their feedback, but you also act upon it as well.

These five tips are the secrets to improving customer loyalty. You can find new and unique ways to encourage your customers to become loyal to your brand.


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