Seven Reasons to Consider a Faster Path Into Nursing


If you want to work in a career that involves being there for others, being a source of support for people during tough times in their lives and earning a lot of respect in the community, nursing could be the ideal choice for you. Nursing is a highly rewarding career that is currently experiencing a massive surge in demand thanks to a nursing shortage. And, getting into nursing quickly has never been easier thanks to accelerated online degrees that could see you qualify with a BSN in half the time. While traditional BSN programs typically take around four years to complete, the ABSN is a fast-paced nursing degree that could see you graduate in as little as two years or even less. Here are some of the main reasons to consider getting your nursing degree faster.

You’re Needed:

If you want to become a nurse, then you’re needed in the healthcare industry right now. The COVID19 pandemic has only further highlighted the need for more good nurses and hospitals and other healthcare clinics are doing everything that they can to get new nurses qualified and added to the workforce as quickly as possible. As an aspiring nurse, it’s well worth considering Texas accelerated nursing programs in order to take advantage of the current demand and help to reduce the shortage by getting into the workforce as quickly as possible.

You Can Save Time:

Are you thinking of changing your current career to nursing? Career changes in mid-life are not uncommon and nursing is a common calling that many people who may have worked in a totally different field will have later on in life. But, one of the drawbacks to changing your career is the amount of work that you will need to do in order to get there. If you want to change your career and can’t wait to hit the ground running in nursing, an ABSN is the ideal choice of a nursing program to help you switch careers in as little time as possible.

You Will Save Money:

Tuition fees are hot news right now, with American graduates in more student debt than ever before. You probably decided to study to become a nurse to help people, not to pay off student loans for the rest of your life. Tuition fees are typically charged by the semester or year, and the very nature of an accelerated BSN means that there are fewer semesters and fewer years to pay for, meaning that you could be starting your nursing career with half the debt that your peers have. in addition, online ABSN programs allow you to save even more money on the typical associated costs of getting your BSN such as relocating or commuting.

Fast-Track to Career Progression:

For many nurses, the BSN is just a stepping stone in the grand scheme of things when it comes to their career plan. For example, those who want to eventually become a family nurse practitioner and run their own clinic have several years of study ahead of them. Since a BSN tends to be a major prerequisite to the majority of advanced nursing degrees and qualifications, why not cut down some of the time that it takes you to achieve your ultimate nursing career goals by getting an ABSN instead? With an ABSN, you’ll meet your qualification requirements earlier, allowing you to get started with your master’s degree or other advanced nursing training course even sooner.

You’re Already a Nurse:

A BSN is not always required for one to work as a nurse. Most states will hire Licensed Practical Nurses with an associate’s degree in nursing, with the exception of New York State where you can work as an LPN but are required to get a BSN within ten years of starting work. If you’re already working as a nurse and possess a lot of the knowledge and skills that are taught in the BSN program, chances are you’re looking for something that is a little more straight to the point when it comes to improving your qualification. Whether you’re working in New York and need to get a BSN, want to improve your salary, career prospects, or simply want the title of Registered Nurse, an ABSN is a straightforward choice that’s ideal for those who already have a lot of nursing knowledge and expertise.

Start Saving for Retirement Earlier:

Getting an ABSN has a lot of further benefits on your life outside of your career. For example, one major benefit of qualifying as a nurse faster is that you will be able to start saving for your retirement earlier, having a knock-on effect on your later life. Coupled with the fact that an ABSN program is likely to leave you in less student debt compared to a traditional four-year BSN, and nurses who decide to take this route are often well on their way towards getting prepared for a very comfortable retirement in the future.

Enjoy Fast-Paced, Intense Work:

One thing that you will never be when studying for an ABSN is bored. Since the program condenses a typical four-year degree program into a much shorter timeframe, the workload can be very intensive and there’s always something to do. Along with being very mentally stimulating and exciting, getting an ABSN can also really prepare you for real-life nursing, which by its very nature is a fast-paced, intense career where you’re thinking on your feet a lot of the time. Getting an ABSN provides you with the opportunity to practice a lot of real-life nursing skills before you qualify such as thinking quickly and making snap decisions on your feet, working well under pressure, managing a heavy workload, and fine-tuning your communication skills even when you are under a lot of stress. As a result, an ABSN program could enable you to become an even better nurse from the start.

With the US currently in the throes of a severe nursing shortage, there’s never been a better time to choose an accelerated BSN program and get into the profession as quickly as possible.