The Best Tips to Choose the Coolest Printer


Choosing a printer for your office is often a heavy and difficult process. In addition, due to the lack of knowledge about which are the best features for your office, you can end up hiring a printer that does not meet the needs of your office or offers you services that are too complicated for you, when you only wanted to print 50 photocopies a month. This is the point where many people consider using a printing solutions service instead of printing with their own photocopier. This headache is going to end, today we present the best tips to choose a printer that suits your office.


The first thing you should do is decide if you want a regular printer or a multi-functional printer (includes scanner). Each one has its own advantages, but the truth is that the versatility at the level of printing and document management that a multi-functional one will offer you is difficult to find in a regular printer. Normally, multi-functional devices are prepared to support a higher workload, which allows faster printing and a complete implementation of document management in your office. Do you only want to print? Or do you want new printing solutions to reduce the workload of your employees? The decision is yours, but we recommend a multi-functional printer in most cases.

Color or no color? Do not stay blank

For the choice of a color or black and white printing equipment, we must take into account a very simple factor; For whom are the printings intended? If we detect that all our printings and photocopies are destined to internal staff of our company, certainly with the black and white printing we have enough. On the other hand, if the copies made in the office are intended for customers, suppliers or other agents external to the company, we should definitely opt for a color print. But what happens if I make 50% in color and the other 50% in black and white? Well, for that you’ll be in the green if you just go for a colourful printer.

Document management a vital factor

The growing need of companies to digitize their processes has brought to life such important elements as document management. There are many printing services that offer a multitude of digital solutions to adapt to the needs of each client. Security and cost control, network device management, mobility and solutions in the cloud, are some of the solutions we propose to optimize internal processes within the company.



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