Three safety features for your leisure business


Opening a business in the leisure industry can prove extremely profitable, particularly in the school holidays or summer months.

Parents struggle to think of things to do that the will entertain the kids for long enough, until they return to school. This is where a leisure centre would be a great venture.

The investment is considerable, but the payoff could be massive, if you are ready to take the opportunity, you should consider these three key safety requirements.

We are sure that you have already considered the safety of your customers, it should be the central focus of any business plan.

But if your complex is going to have a pool area then this is one of the areas were a slip, trip or fall is very likely.

As a business owner you want to do everything possible to mitigate the risk of this happening and having to deal with a potentially costly insurance claim.

Ensure that you have the required health and safety features installed, to avoid falls as much as possible we suggest that you purchase anti-slip, anti-bacterial mats from Kleentex.

This will reduce the risk infection and the chance of a nasty fall, poolside.

Lifting and Exercising

Everyone knows that inexperience in the gym can lead to injury, we have all seen the videos of people with no idea what they are doing on gym equipment, it might give you a quick laugh, but as a business owner this can be quite serious.

It goes without saying that every new customer should have an induction when they join, from a trained professional.

Something that you might forget is that one of the biggest causes of injury in a gym is infection caused by the sweat of your customers.

We suggest that you place anti-bacterial wipes around the gym with bins to place them in throughout.

We suggest that you choose high quality anti-bacterial wipes such as the products from Gym Wipes.


Squash Court Safety

Lots of leisure complexes offer squash courts and this is another area that can cause injury.

If you are going to offer equipment rental, you need to ensure that your rackets have high quality grips.

With will ensure that  the racket does not slip out of the player’s hand.

Furthermore, ensure that you have squash shoes in good condition to rent.

Finally ensure that you offer protective eyewear you can purchase these goggles from Rx Sport.

In this article we have identified ways that you can make your new leisure complex safe. We have discussed poolside safety by using anti-slip and anti-bacterial mats. Secondly, we identified equipment hygiene as a major cause of injury and must mitigate the risk of infection. Lastly, we discussed safety on the squash court such as using high quality rackets and squash shoes and the need for protective eyewear. Following these tips will ensure that you have a successful and most importantly safe leisure complex.



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