TV contact lenses are coming soon

It is called iOptik and is a system of lenses, new generation in high definition screen role, projects an image directly to each eye. According to the American company Innovega behind the TV-lens, a futuristic system is able to project digital data such as driving instructions and videos. The lenses work by themselves or in combination with a pair of smart sunglasses, offering the user an experience comparable to that of a television monitor 240 inches from a distance of three meters.



For now, the accompanying glasses are equipped with microprojectors, while in the future, the company plans to incorporate these microsystem audio control features by touch, camera and accelerometer.



The lens have been divided into two cycles with special filters incoming light management: the outer covers the vision needs of the user while the inner circle, has a clever system which enables to distinguish high definition picture in a short distance from the eye, says the head of the company, Stephen Willie. This system could be used with smartphones and portable consoles, computer games, adding a tinge of augmented reality.



The standard lens TV system, was presented a year ago in the context of international technology exhibition CES 2013, that is held annually in Las Vegas, USA. As part of this year’s report, the company pledged to present a more advanced pair of fully functional lens.

By Nicole P.

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