What Are Bog Mats and Where To Use It


If you work in any type of construction, whether small scale or large scale, you know that the terrain can become a problem. Moving trucks and heavy equipment around the construction site can tear up the ground, and that combined with moisture and precipitation often creates muddy, bogged areas that are hard for crews to navigate.

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Bog mats help to solve terrain problems on construction sites by providing a stable surface for moving trucks, bulldozers, cranes, and other equipment around the area, while also providing extra protection for the terrain.

What Are Bog Mats?

Bog mats are large, sturdy squares of temporary road and terrain protection material that can be used on construction sites. Usually made of either timber or durable plastic, bog mats are easy to install on your site with no tools required — simply lay out the mats along equipment and machine traffic routes at your site, and they’re ready to use.

There are many benefits to using bog mats such as the durable, high density polyethylene bog mats produced by JWA Oilfield Supplies. Some of the uses for bog mats on a construction site include:

  • Improving the safety and stability of your construction site by preventing equipment from getting stuck or bogged down
  • Prevent spills, deep ruts, and other types of damage to the construction site
  • Help to reduce the costs of transportation and reclamation for your construction project
  • Minimize liner placement and disposal costs while providing a year-round, workable construction site

Bog mats help to prevent terrain damage on a construction site by evenly distributing the weight of large construction equipment for more stable operation, which also helps you avoid stuck equipment and workplace accidents. They provide better safety as well as increased accessibility to areas of the construction site that are harder to work in.

Where Can You Use Bog Mats?

Regardless of the type of construction project, bog mats can be a helpful, safe, and cost-effective addition to your site. Bog mats can be used for a wide range of projects on many different field types, for both small and large construction sites.

Some of the most common project types that can benefit from the use of bog mats include pipelines, oilfields, and drilling operations, building construction, highway and roadway construction, and utility projects. Bog mats can be used to provide crew access roads, temporary roads and roadways, heavy lift and equipment matting, ground protection, aviation helicopter pads, and much more.

In addition to project versatility, bog mats are effective at providing ground cover and equipment support across a variety of different terrains. Whether you’re working on tundra or snow, bogs, marshes or peat swamps, black soils, muskegs or river creeks, sand, beaches, or tidal flats, the use of bog mats can improve the safety and accessibility of your construction site.