What’s a 3D printer that can make such amazing things?


As unreal as it may seem, if you input the appropriate data, they can print anything you may think of on its actual size! The technology of three-dimensional printers (3D Printers) is now upon us and at affordable prices. But what is a three-dimensional printer anyway? It is a printer that is able to print life size things with paper, hard paper, plastic and metal. You can print anything you can imagine, such as shoes, bicycles, straws, anything!

Of course, the quality of these things is not the same as the original ones, but nevertheless printers are considered quite useful in industries, as it is possible to make some tests on products without spending money on buying the necessary stuff, like auto parts, fitness equipment etc. Generally speaking, their capabilities could be infinite.

3D printer
3D printer

The 3D printer technology also finds a great use in the fields of jewelry making, footwear in general, industrial adn architectural design, car industry, space sector, dental and medical industries, schools and universties and more. A strategic advantage of three-dimensional printing is the ability to produce complex objects using the exact amount of material that is necessary for the creation of its model. Moreover, the three-dimensional printing helps reduce CO2 emissions due to fewer movements (logistics).

Until recently, 3D printers could only print using plastic as their source material but now they can even use metals such as titanium as feedstock. They can even create large components for generators, creating the model on multiple layers, one on top of the other, using a laser that melts metal powder for the desirable outcome.

3D printer
3D printer

Areas where the three-dimensional printing makes, or can make, a difference

Dentistry: Most of us may have not heard about it but the three-dimensional printing technology has pervaded, during the last years, in the dental industry.

Prosthetic limbs: The impact that three dimensional printing can have in medicine is high. At present, the new technology is applied more to the creation of artificial limbs. The speed of construction is much greater. The main advantage is that the new prosthetic limbs are ​​easily adapted to the needs of each individual.

3D printed prosthetic hand
3D printed prosthetic hand

Automotive: The expansion of three-dimensional printing technology has begun to evolve the automotive industry. Entire bodyworks and kits, fully functional bicycles and even drones are created using such printers.

Movies: The biggest entertainment industry couldn’t miss the chance to use dimensional printing. When the Aston Martin DB5 of James Bond, in the film Skyfall, was destroyed by a great explosion, many lovers of expensive cars were really worried. Sure, they would be relieved to learn that the car that was blown to ​​pieces wasn’t an authentic one, but one of 3 copies created with three-dimensional printer for the purposes of such scenes.

By +Nikos Kontorigas


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