What’s the Fuss over Flash Tats?


Tattoos have long been used to adorn a person’s body, and to make a statement or announce one’s stature or position. This time around, tattoos are mainly for fashion purposes – as a form of art and expression matched with the sophistication of design and style.

As of late, the craze is over flash tattoos or flash tats – jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos for fashion enthusiasts. It’s all about making regular tattoos appeal to the feminine public who don’t like permanent ink under their skin.

flash tat

Unlike regular tattoos, they are primarily for fashion, and can be removed and replaced any given time because well, they are temporary. They are non invasive, too, so putting them on means one does not have to go through the painful process of needle piercing into the skin.

Yes, they are more like those childish tattoo stickers, but far more fashionable. Lasting for up to six days, flash tats are sensitive to soap, sunscreen and just about any skin products, particularly oil-based ones. So needless to say, they would virtually last for a day given that women can’t live without taking a bath or putting on lotion.

Flash tats come in sets or unique packs, depending on the chosen design. One can go wearing a perfectly distinctive flash tat or march to a party with friends of matching flash tats. Yes, there is a pack right for sharing with friends. Well, perhaps friends can take turns putting on the tattoos, right?

flash tat2

Flash tattoos are applicable to all parts of the body where the adhesive works, even the nails. So if styles are small enough for wearing on finger or toenails, users are free to do so. Just make sure the surface is clean, and then with a little water, the tattoo is ready to stick onto the surface for a good couple of hours (or days).

Removing the flash tats is simple and easy – literally just take a bath and scrub your skin with your favorite moisturizing bath gel or soap. And if that isn’t enough, try putting on oil-based skin products (the mortal enemy of flash tats), and gently scrub the tattoo off.


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