Why All Gadget Lovers Should Learn PCB Design


Printed circuit boards are all around us today. Every single electronic device that you see around you contains a PCB. If you are someone who is passionate about gadgets and loves tech, there are numerous reasons why you should consider learning about PCB design.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Many people assume that learning to design and build their own electronics must be insanely complicated. However, this is actually a much easier undertaking than you might realize. Anyone who is motivated enough can learn how to design and produce PCBs on their own.

As mentioned, every single electronic device that we use in our daily lives contains a PCB. Accordingly, PCBs can be as simple or as complex as electronic devices themselves can be. There are lots of very simple PCB projects out there for you that you can take on with only minimal prior knowledge.

The Resources Are Freely Available

You can find the tutorials and software that you need to get started with PCB design available online for free. This includes basic topics like how to build your first PCB design, up to more advanced and specialized subjects like this article on coupling guard design from Altium.

You can work through the different subjects at your own pace and focus your time on those areas that are of most interest to you. PCBs are used in such a wide variety of contexts that you can begin learning how to design PCBs for very specific applications early on in the learning process.

You Can Build a Career on It

Learning how to design PCBs isn’t just a worthwhile pursuit intellectually; this is a skill that is highly marketable and can form the basis of a long-term career. Electronics are now so ubiquitous that we don’t even notice most of them. But even the simplest gadgets need to have a PCB at its heart, and every PCB needs to be designed by someone. If there is a particular area of technology that you are passionate about, you can learn how to design PCBs for that particular niche.

There’s a Thriving Community

As well as the numerous articles and other online resources that will help you to learn PCB design, you will also find a thriving community of electronics enthusiasts waiting for you. This online community is an excellent place to gain experience and knowledge, as well as to ask any questions that you might have.

You Will Learn a Lot

When learning about PCB design, you won’t just be learning how to design printed circuit boards, you will also need to develop a number of other skills that are useful in other areas of life. For example, in order to fit multiple components into the available space, you will need to develop your spatial awareness skills and problem-solving. When you inevitably find yourself having to troubleshoot one of your boards, you will similarly develop a knack for assessing the situation, finding the right solution, and then implementing it.

These are just some of the reasons that PCB design is an excellent subject to learn. Not only is it much more accessible than many people realize, but it will teach you more than just how to design circuit boards.