What Type Of Laptop Should I Buy? New, Used Or Refurbished  


Are you planning to shop for a laptop? There many options available and you ultimately must choose whether to buy a new, used or a refurbished one. This article will make it easy for you to choose.

If you are looking to extract as much value as possible from your next laptop purchase, a new or refurbished option may appear to be the most enticing. While there are risks involved in buying used electronics such as laptops, there are many ways to go about ensuring that you are happy with your purchase.


If you are trying to save cost, then buying a refurbished or used laptop is your best option. This is also a great choice for those looking for a laptop for work, school or general use. Refurbished or used laptops cost up to half the price of new ones, so there certainly is some value in terms of cost-saving. Most computer manufacturers offer refurbished laptops for sale. These computers are great in the sense that they have been repaired and restored to normal working condition. If manufacturer refurbished laptops are not an available option, you should look for reputable retailers like mynextbox.com

Used is not the same as refurbished

The terms used and refurbished are sometimes confusing, but they cannot be used interchangeably. Refurbished laptops usually come from manufacturers like HP, and are restored by experienced technicians to good conditions. The process of refurbishing used laptops could include replacing broken parts such as screens and keys, battery replacement, ports, and other parts.

To get reliable refurbished laptops, you need to purchase directly from manufacturers or from trustworthy retailers.

Used laptops are usually sold by customers who have purchased a newer model, decided that the laptop no longer meets their needs, or they need the funds to attend an emergency. Used laptops do not go through rigorous checks like refurbished laptops which is why they come with higher risks than refurbished laptops. Used laptops could have several issues that the buyer may not detect at the point of purchase. Online retailers like Amazon offer all kinds of deals. Here, sellers can list their used laptops, but you can also find manufacturer certified refurbished laptops with a limited warranty.

Proper research is recommended when purchased used laptops.

  • Inspect the laptop for any defects and damages that weren’t listed by the seller. This may include opening up the laptop to have a quick peek inside
  • Check for warranties
  • Check what’s covered by the warranty
  • Check return policies

If you plan to watch videos, write emails and documents, do some work, or engage in internet usage, a used or refurbished laptop is a great option.