Why do shiny objects attract our attention?


From a glossy latest mobile technology to a dazzling diamond, the solitaire attraction we feel for smooth and shiny objects according to a new study, has always the same evolutionary roots. Our basic need for water. Can nowadays we subconsciously associate the shiny objects with the image of opulence and luxury, but in reality according to American and Belgian scientists, our tendency to choose is based on our natural desire for the liquid element. Researchers from the University of Houston in USA and University of Ghent, Belgium, took the idea for their study of an earlier, had been involved in children aged up to 12 months. As was seen, babies tend to mouthed only and not glossy matte objects and lick manner which referred to the manner in which the animals drink water from a pond.

Shiny objects
Shiny objects

In order to see what happens, experts decided to conduct six different experiments. In the first phase was to see whether the choice of a shiny object was a natural reaction and not social reasons. In this context, adult use flyers in matte and glossy quality to choose. In children granted again booklets released by Santa Claus. In both cases the volunteers, young and old, chose the glossy quality. Experts believe that the choice of the children had more weight because of their youth, as they could have knowledge and experiences that may be clouded the end result.

In the next phase, the researchers blindfolded 46 volunteers and then in half gave a piece of matte paper and the other half a piece of glossy paper and asked them to comment on the quality. Despite the fact that they could not see it, the volunteers kept glossy paper rushed to characterize high quality and impressive.

Shiny objects
Shiny objects

In the same experiment, experts called for more of the blind participants indicate a landscape imagined it could be shown on the paper were holding. Those who held the glossy paper tended to describe landscapes with water, suggesting a link between quality and glossy liquid element.

This study indicates that our preference for shiny objects, could be well rooted in human existence, says researcher Vanessa Patrick of the University of Houston. It is really impressive that despite our evolution as a species, we feel the same attraction towards objects that awaken our basic needs, which in this case is our need for water, she concludes. The findings of scientists, will be published in the journal, Journal of Consumer Psychology.

By Nicole P.


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