Top 10 Famous Business Cards


Business cards are an intrinsic part of self-advertisement. They function as a quick snapshot of what you and your business can offer potential clients and business partners, so presentation and style is everything. Listed below are ten famous business cards that really grab your attention for all the right reasons.

In at number one is the great and mysterious Houdini, whom allows his enigmatic persona do the talking. His business card is subtle yet effective, playing on his public image as a ‘man from beyond’.

Next up is Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Although his card doesn’t utilise unusual shapes, such as Houdini’s, the simple ‘I’m CEO, Bitch’ makes the point clear and precise. It reflects his impact on the world of social networking.

Zuckerberg business card
Zuckerberg business card

Andy Warhol’s card perfectly sums up what the artist is about – it plays with both colour and handwritten font to show his creativity. His business card lets the pastel tones and overall design do all the talking.

Another wonderful example is Walt Disney‘s business card; utilising what he did best, the cartoonist put his work on the card for everyone to see. A perfect way to demonstrate your talent to clients.

Similar to Zuckerberg, Steve Martin goes for comedy to win over whomever sees his business card. Using a witty short commentary, he immediately showcases his comedic talents.

In keeping with big personalities, Lady Gaga keeps it straight to the point with her business card. She simply has her name, creative director position, and then contact details, however, it’s the former two examples that stand out due to their bold print.

Famous Business Cards
Famous Business Cards

In stark contrast to Warhol, artist, Edward Ruscha, keeps it minimal. It only has three lines of printed words; plain, subtle, but extremely effective. It grabs your attention, and makes you want to know more.

Larry Page, CEO of Google, lets the famous brand logo do the talking instead of his name; the colourful motif sits centre stage, immediately drawing your gaze.

Also keeping us interested, though not due to over flashy designs, is Albert Einstein‘s business card. The simplicity of his card speaks volumes, it doesn’t overstate his intelligence.

Lastly, Chuck Jones demonstrates his impeccable skills (in a similar method to Walt Disney), and includes a piece of his own work on his business. The road runner is undoubtedly one of his most infamous characters.

Although all the mentioned business cards belong to famous people, they serve as a great means of inspiration to spice up and rejuvenate your own business cards, visit instantprint for more great ideas.


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