Why You Should Road Trip for Your Next Vacation


As Covid cases begin to spike again, people are rethinking their upcoming flight plans and switching gears (pun intended) to instead take a road trip vacation. A little extra precaution isn’t the only reason you should consider a road trip for your next vacation. Here are 5 reasons you should hit the road!

Guilt Free Travel

Female hand holding their hat out the car window during a road trip.

Obviously everyone is concerned about gas prices but electric vehicles are becoming more and more common on the road today. We’re not suggesting going out and purchasing a new vehicle, but renting is definitely an option. Hertz offers a wide selection of electric vehicles and electric charging stations are easy to find along most routes.


One of the greatest perks to road-tripping is the ability to pack anything and everything you can fit. Say hello to foods, liquids, and pets along for the ride. You don’t have to worry about limiting your toiletries and a full basket of snacks is all you need to stay happy for hours on the road. Plus, there’s plenty of space for your furry friend to join the adventure without worrying about a long flight or airport regulations.

The People

Planning road trip

The absolute best part of a vacation road-trip is that you get to choose your travel companions. No worries about a screaming baby on a flight or being stuck in the middle seat. If those things happen, it’s your own kid or someone from your group, which you can live with more easily. Not to mention, this is when you get to make the best connections and have the most fun with the people around you. Hours of confinement can lead to in depth conversations, miles of laughing and games, and you’ll feel like you know the people in that car just a little better at the end.

The Entertainment

Summer Vacation Road Trip

Believe it or not, road trips are the best opportunities to catch up on the latest news, podcasts or audiobooks…and that’s just when you’re the driver. Think about the hours behind the wheel where you get total control of the radio. You can make the most of it and hone in on your own interests. Having something that will catch your attention and take your mind off of traffic or road work is the perfect remedy for road rage. When it’s your turn to drive, start up that audiobook or podcast you’ve been meaning to get into and you won’t even notice the road work or traffic barricades. If you’re a passenger, technology today is so amazing, you could watch an entire new season of your favorite show while on the road.

Something for Everyone

The second most beautiful part of a road trip, the first being the sights, is the fact that there are many destinations along the way. You can stop at Civil War sites for the history lover in your family, the beach for the person that wants to relax, or any number of live shows for that musical connoisseur. A road trip is so much more than a mode of vacation. It’s an endless opportunity to get to know your favorite people and favorite locations a little better.