Picking your new car

How to Pick Your Next Set of Wheels

Hunting for a new car can be either a tiresome chore, or a whole lot of fun, depending on how much you enjoy driving. Whichever opinion you hold, it’s never easy making a decision, with so very many things to think about. This handy Exchange and Mart guide goes into […]

Carbon Frames

Take your Cycling Performance up a Gear: Carbon Frames

Welcome to the next generation of cycling: carbon fibre frames that are lighter, stronger and more aerodynamic then it’s aluminium and titanium predecessors. Carbon fibre has grown in popularity as a material for bikes in recent years and offers an alternative to heavier metallic frames that have been used in […]

Portable Generator
Automotive / Technology / Travel

Why Taking a Portable Generator on Your Road Trip is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Making the decision to head out on a road trip, whether it’s for one week, one month or one year, is a hugely exciting experience no matter how young or old you are, as is the idea of exploring unknown places, whether that’s at home or abroad. From deciding what […]

Cars of the Future

How tomorrow’s cars will revolutionise motoring recently put together an infographic on the five stupidest cars of all time. It’s amazing that the past 100 years of motoring has produced so many great ideas, yet also so many terrible ones – look at the 1899 Horsey Horseless, for example, which stuck a wooden horse’s head […]

You are way too distracted when taking a selfie

Taking selfies when driving | Not safe

Once the largest source of driver distraction was the radio, with the driver often having to find the right CD to play or pick his favourite station. Then came the mobile phone, with its calls and text messages, but now is the turn of selfies, or the self-portraits to be […]

Car Batteries

Common questions and concerns about car batteries

When checking over their vehicles prior to driving away on a holiday, many motorists ignore the condition of their battery and simply hope it will continue to work. Yet, as with other parts of a car, it can stop working and can see people stuck at the roadside while they […]

Cycle to work
Bicycle / Business

How the Cycle to Work Scheme has inspired people taking up cycling

The launch of the Cycle to Work scheme was hailed by many as a way of helping people get fitter, save money and help reduce the country’s carbon footprint, but some also poo-pooed it as something that wouldn’t work. In fact, the former was right. More than 500,000 people have […]

A driving day off: The best motoring mayhem in the UK

A driving day off: The best motoring mayhem in the UK

Is there anything better than a calm Sunday drive? The wind blowing against your hair as you gently race from B-roads to C-roads, breathing in the musk of the country air and the fresh summer grass – bliss, surely? Well, how about a madcap dash on a Segway? Or an […]

Honda CRF 450R

Radically renewed the Honda CRF450R

The top MX of Honda, faithful in its 2 year appointment with significant upgrades, offers as a 2015 model three engine performance options for the rider. Add to this unique feature the strength that’s offered by the improved cylinder, new exhaust, the second generation of the fork air Kayaba (PSF2) […]

Car Maintenance

5 most common car maintenance mistakes

True car enthusiasts pride themselves on their knowledge of cars and their ability to look after them. Some follow advice from motorising experts such as Pure Performance Motorsport to keep their vehicles ticking over and running well. Others rely on instinct and do what they think is the right thing. […]

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