How does our brain perceive emoticons?

The emoticons are now so prevalent that the brain has learned to see these images as real persons, according to a research by Australian scientists, published in the journal Social Neuroscience. First appeared when Professor Scott Falman proposed the smiley and sad emoticon [ 🙂 and 🙁 respectively ] as […]


Nightmares cause sadness despite fear

According to new research by the University of Montreal, violence, threats, death and health concerns are the most common reasons we see nightmares. The study showed that the nightmares cause more emotional damage compared to bad dreams. However, it was something that was not expected. Contrary to what we thought […]

Rosetta Probe

Rosetta probe will wake up to encounter a comet

The Rosetta probe from 957 days ago is in hibernation. It shall wake up on Monday, January 20th to go to meet the comet 67P/Couriumov-Guerasimenko and thus try to learn more about how the solar system was formed. The spacecraft of the European Space Agency (ESA), broke during March 2, […]

global warming
Photography / Science

4 scenarios about the destruction of Earth

There are a few science fiction films which have spawned the film industry, about the destruction of Earth. Formerly responsible were dangerous enemy aliens, fantastic creatures, sometimes meteorites and asteroids and other are pandemics and deadly viruses. While all of these scenarios are based on the inexhaustible imagination of some […]

Quantum Processing System
Science / Technology

NSA is working on quantum computer that can decrypt any password

The National Security Agency (NSA) is working on the construction of a quantum computer that can decrypt any password of even higher security, revealed exclusively today by The Washington Post from documents of the CIA and Edward Snowden. The development of quantum computing is a goal pursued for years by the […]

Big Bang Theory nd Stephen Hawking
Celebrities / Movies / Science

The Big Bang Theory attracts scientists and trekkies

One of the fixations of The Big Bang Theory‘s is Star Trek, the legendary television series that Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard are absolute devotees of. The writers of the show pay constant homage to Star Trek, some of whose protagonists have appeared as guests at different times. George Takei, […]

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