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Your smartphone ended up getting wet! Now what?

It’s something that has happened to many people and probably you have a couple of friends that boast about it. It may be a prank gone wrong, your forgeting it in your pocket when having taken a dive or even an unexpected bucket challenge that appeared out of nowhere. Not […]

It's flexible so use it that way
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Snap perfect shots with your smartphone

How many times have you taken you phone out to take a picture on the beach, at a party, at a bar or even for a selfie? Countless! iPhones and Android phones have replaced the traditional camera, capturing moments of our lives through a simple touch on their screen. However, […]

Play to Cure Genes in Space

New videogame fights cancer | Smartphone version available

You own a smartphone and you want to help discover new treatments for breast cancer? Then all you have to do is to download in your device the Play to Cure: Genes in Space and start the game. In each level, you need to maneuver your ship in order to […]

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