11 Holiday Travel Hacks to Make Life Easier


Holidays are the best time to travel with the whole family. But it’s also the worst time to do so, what with all the other people trying to do the same. So to make life easier for you and your family, try these travel hacks for the holidays.

  1. Book your travels on a Sunday.

Sunday airfares usually a lot cheaper, so take advantage of this for better deals.

  1. Go for red-eye flights.

These are the last flight out of the airport, which is also usually cheaper.

  1. Clear your web browser’s history, cookies and cache.

This prevents airlines from knowing how many times you’ve visited their site, which can lead them to change their price accordingly.


  1. Choose to fly out on the day of the holiday.

Chances are, there’s only a few people who will do, so you don’t need to struggle your way through the airport.

  1. Plan your seating arrangement online.

If you’re travelling with the whole family, you want everyone seated right next to each other on the flight.

  1. Make use of smart apps.

GateGuru, for example, can help you plan your trip, including weather, departure info, ATM machines, rental car companies, etc.

  1. Take doctor’s advice.

Get each of your family members flu shots before your holiday trip to avoid getting sick during or after your travel.

  1. Take advantage of curbside check-in.

You don’t want to get involved in the long queues inside the airport, so make sure you use this service.

  1. Invest in compression socks.

Going on a long haul flight can make your feet swell, so buy compressions socks for everyone for the trip.

  1. Learn the smart way to pack.

Clothes that are folded can take up a lot of space in your luggage, but not when they are rolled.

  1. Let children bring their own entertainment packs.


Traveling with kids can be a messy affair, but not if you keep them entertained. Let children bring smaller bags where they can store their toys and goodies.

Use these hacks and be on your way to a truly merry, worry-free Christmas trip.


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