What Dream Cars Are Made Of


What’s your idea of a dream car? With all the sci-fi films, TV shows and animations we watch, there’s little doubt that the vehicle you’d create, given the chance, would be out of this world yet practical. It should fly, right? Or maybe a vehicle that transforms into a jet or a ship on demand. In the past, such imaginings can be relegated to just that—imagination. But with technological advancements today, your dream car can be a reality very soon.

A car with wings

What used to be fiction is now a real thing. The AeroMobil 3.0 is a flying car with all the makings of a vehicle and jet rolled into one. Although it is still a prototype, it definitely brings the world closer to the real thing.


A car with a sensational design

When shopping for a car, it often boils down to the design. Who wants to drive a weird-looking vehicle, anyway? Although futuristic ideas aren’t entirely straightforward and ordinary, Renovo Motors’ electric coupe definitely stripped off such over-the-top vehicle design of anything out of place and mimicked a sleek style that have been loved for years. It has the body of the 1964 Shelby Daytona, but the high-tech features of future vehicles.

A car that runs on hydrogen fuel

Toyota has been working on a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV) known as Mirai. Compared to gasoline or electricity, hydrogen is more environment-friendly because it has zero emission. Well, okay, it does emit water and vapor, but that’s it. The problem, however, is that there are no hydrogen filling station yet.

A car with airless tires


Can you imagine tires without air? Well, with the Air Free concept tire from Bridgestone, there’s really no need to imagine it. It may look like a huge fan attached to a vehicle, but the design is said to be the tire technology that will be used in the future. The tire is made of resin bands and rubber tread.

Other features you dream car can have include self-driving technology, sophisticated display projected above the dashboard and a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system.


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