4 Helpful Websites to Jumpstart Your Career


Are you in a dead end job and feel you need to jumpstart your career? Perhaps you have tried your hardest to stay in your current job and deliver what is asked of you but have made up your mind on applying for a new one. There are numerous websites where you can find job openings and match your skills with.

Here are 4 websites worth visiting:


This website collects information from employees and former employees about different companies, including salaries and the different work environment. What’s cool about this site is that you get first-hand information about different companies and have a picture of what to expect once you get hired. There are thousands or reviews that are definitely informative.



By checking out this website, you get access to thousands of jobs from different industries. The team behind this website gets information from company websites, recruitment agencies, newspapers and job listings in the internet. They then present the data in their site, including the job description and requirements. You can send an email to the company and attach your CV.


This is the perfect sight for individuals who are making career shifts and those who want to work for startup companies. By creating an account, you can search for hundreds of companies offering different job listings, including salaries, equity information. What makes this website unique is that your resume is not public so if you don’t want to receive emails from recruiters, this is the place for you.



The name of this website speaks for itself. For people who want to build their careers and get tips on how to get hired and ace the job interview, this is the site for them. More than 24 million jobseekers visit this site, with over 60 million markets globally.

These are just four of the websites you can use to jumpstart your career. What you need to do is to create an effective CV that companies will find interesting enough to read.


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